Falling Leaves: Death or Rebirth?

fall leaves along a road
fall leaves along a road

Does fall make you mournful?

Don’t hate me for saying this, but each fall I feel like I’m dying.

All the year’s perfect plans, brave ideas and ego-filled beliefs fall away like leaves on a tree. Time is finite, and these physical forms don’t last forever.

Yet, through this season I insist on hanging on, refusing to let go or fall away. For me, death is never without suffering first.

Maybe you too have been holding on to what’s weighing you down. Refusing to let go and struggling under a dead weight.

With the arrival of Scorpio season, the sign of death and resurrection, we can make peace with the decay. And let go at last.


knowing this phase of our cycle brings forth nourished soil, sturdy roots and eventually, rebirth.

For now, embrace being light and bareboned as your fellow trees.

Let go.


Accept loss in good faith that you never truly die.

In stillness, invisible change happens deep beneath the soil.

Seek out your inner peace that affirms a higher purpose:

you are more than beautiful leaves on a metaphorical tree.

Rest in peace.

Rebirth awaits.

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